My Daily Beauty Regimen…How I Maintain Radiant Skin During The Summer!

Happy Sunday My Loves!

When it comes to a daily skin care regimen, now that I’m almost 30, I take it very seriously. Not that I never used to before, but I am definitely less careless and more aware of what it takes to help keep my skin looking and feeling healthy. My “beauty secrets” are as simple as they come and you’ve probably heard them all before whether from your mom, grandma, aunt – the list goes on LOL. Here are some of my basic rules:

  • Don’t ever sleep with makeup on
  • Moisturize and tone
  • Make sunscreen your BFF
  • Keep the skin’s surface hydrated
  • Use face masks regularly (day or night)
  • Start using anti-aging products early on

I know – It’s nothing ground breaking here, but trust me when I say, it does work if you stick to it! I have seen a significant change in my skin and its elasticity since implementing a trusty regimen and I hope by sharing some of my go-to products, it will be beneficial to you and your routine if you have one. If you don’t have one and are seeking guidance on how to start, then the below items will be sure to rock your world!


First thing I like to do in the morning is wash my face with a good cleanser. This helps me wake up and preps my skin for the day and for future makeup application. My favorite cleanser is this one by, its super gentle, doesn’t dry my skin and is fragrance free. Now, I know you’re probably wondering why I use a cleanser that is designed for acne prone skin right? I don’t personally suffer from adult acne, but I do have the occasional breakouts especially during that time of the month. I like to use this cleanser as a preventative measure to keep my clear skin as it is.

Acne . Org – “Cleanser” – – $11.08 – 16 FL OZ



Using a toner by sweeping it on with a cotton pad after cleansing the skin will help remove any left over impurities that your cleanser might have missed. Not to mention, it visibly tightens pores and can help brighten a dull surface. My fave is by Botanics because not only can I feel it freshen my skin, but it is also can be used by all skin-types and has a soft hibiscus scent that will liven any morning 🙂

Botanics “All Bright Cleansing Toner” – – $7.59 – 8.4 FL OZ



After I cleanse and tone my skin, a must for me is moisturizing. I usually go back and fourth between my Strivectin “Multi-Action Restorative Cream” or my Botanics “Triple Age Renewal Smoothing Facial Oil”, both anti-aging. Sometimes if my skin is really dry, I mix both the cream moisturizer and a drop or two of the facial oil together for maximum hydration especially during the dry winter months in NYC. When it warms up season wise, I’ll stick to only one of these options because I want my skin to stay matte throughout the day and not get too oily, this can happen more with a facial oil. A serum under your moisturizer can also provide a protective barrier against harmful free radicals. Reviva Labs has an excellent one named “Ultra-Potency Vitamin C+ Antioxidant Serum” which you can find at It’s a paraben free, plant based antioxidant serum that helps the skin feel fresh, smoother and younger while defending it against pollution. And this product comes with a handy pump to prevent any bacterial contamination from daily use! If I have any extra time in the morning (which is not too often haha) I love to wear a sheet mask for 20 minutes. It’s a great way to add deep hydration to the skin. The ones by Tony Moly are some of my faves because they are extremely affordable, formulated with natural ingredients and get the job done fairly quickly!

Strivectin “Multi-Action Restorative Cream” – – $95.00 – 1.7 OZ


Botanics “Triple Age Renewal Smoothing Facial Oil” – – $15.99 – 0.84 FL OZ


Reviva Labs “Ultra-Potency Vitamin C+ Antioxidant Serum” – – $21.99 – 1 OZ


Tony Moly – “I’m Real Mask Sheet” – $3.00 each



My two ride or die eye creams are by Kiehl’s & Strivectin. I alternate between these two throughout the week. Sometimes I’ll use the Kiehl’s one in the morning and the Strivectin one at night. The Kiehl’s “Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado” is super gentle and moisturizes the delicate eye area beautifully. A little dab with your fingertip at each under eye goes a long way! The Strivectin “Intensive Eye Concentrate For Wrinkles” is great either day or night, but I personally like using this more during the night hours because it’s slightly more thick in consistency in comparison to my Kiehl’s eye cream. I love using the Strivectin eye cream as a preventative measure against aging. It reduces the look of wrinkles, under eye circles and puffiness all while nourishly strengthening the skin’s surface flawlessly. Not to mention, the Strivectin one comes in a 1 oz tube – which is double the size than most other brands offer in regards to an eye cream.

Kiehl’s “Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado” – – $48.00 – 0.5 OZ

Strivectin “Intensive Eye Concentrate For Wrinkles” – – $69.00 – 1 OZ



If the moisturizer or the foundation I plan on using for the day doesn’t already have SPF built in, I reach for my Tarte “Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion” to get me through those intense sunny days. It’s a light-weight non-chemical sunscreen that when put on before sun exposure protects your skin from harmful rays that can cause sun burns which in-turn can cause early signs of aging or even skin cancer if you are consistently outdoors with no protection. Tarte’s sunscreen is also vegan friendly, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested 🙂

Tarte “Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion” –– $32.00 – 1.7 FL OZ



Drink lots of good old H20 to avoid dehydration. Water is really the best friend you didn’t know you had. The benefits of drinking water are endless. Water plumps the skin, promotes collagen and elasticity. It can also fend off breakouts and signs of aging. So chug up those 8-10 oz servings a day and watch your skin go from drab to fab!

And on a last more personal note, I would say my best kept beauty secret if you want that lit from within look, that natural glow about you, is to just be kind to one another. Don’t harbor negativity in your heart and do right by people. Promoting a positive outlook on life will not only help you feel good on the inside, but it will help you radiate that same message on the outside. Be happy, don’t let other’s bring you down and enjoy every day you are given because tomorrow is never promised!


The Toner & Facial Oil Featured In This Post Were Courtesy Of (c/o) Botanics Via Coburn Communication.

The Anti-Aging Restorative Cream & Eye Concentrate Featured In This Post Were Courtesy Of (c/o) Strivectin. 

The Antioxidant Serum Featured In This Post Was Courtesy Of (c/o) Reviva Labs.

The Sunscreen Featured In This Post Was Courtesy Of (c/o) Tarte Via Coburn Communication.

Many Thanks!

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