Luminess Air Mystic Airbrush Foundation Kit!

TGIF Everyone!

I’m so happy to be sharing with you all Luminess Air’s new up and coming launch the “Mystic Airbrush Foundation Kit”. As you know, I am a big fan of Luminess Air products, I’ve featured their items twice before on my blog (see links to those posts below). They are also the only Airbrush Makeup line I use personally. They are constantly coming out with new products and pushing the envelope when it comes to the Airbrush makeup market. Out of all the items included in the kit, what I’m most excited to talk to you guys about is the actual foundation – it’s the star of the show. This water-based foundation is long-lasting, light-weight, provides a natural luminosity and blends very evenly onto the skin with their stylus tool. It is also water resistant, paraben free, oil free and fragrance fee so it’s suitable for people with sensitive skin that need to use hypoallergenic cosmetics. Mystic is 3 products in one – a foundation, concealer and corrector that offers complete coverage with zero cakey-ness. It leaves the skin feeling flawless with no ugly build up in troublesome areas; it helps blur those pesky imperfections. I also like the fact that Luminess Air makes their products so easy to use. If you’re new to Airbrush Makeup, don’t be scared or feel intimidated to try it out. Luminess Air provides fantastic online application tutorials as well as dvd’s you can watch in the comfort of your own home that come with their kits to help guide you every step of the way. And the extra items included within the kit (listed below) are just as good! The water-proof mascara and lilac/mauvey colored lip gloss are my other two favorites; they are truly fantastic and long wearing! The mascara especially leaves the lashes looking lush and voluminous. It’s easy to build up without clumping or flakiness. The gloss is moisturizing and gives off a gorgeous shine without feeling sticky on the lips. This kit is the perfect little intro into Airbrush Makeup and I highly recommend it for both beginners and more experienced Airbrush Makeup lovers!


  • 2 Shades Of The Mystic Foundation
  • Oil -Free Fotoset Pro Face Primer
  • CC+ Airbrush Concealer
  • Airbrush Translucent Finishing Powder
  • Airbrush Lip Gloss
  • Infinity Long-Wear Mascara.




The Products Featured In This Post Were Courtesy Of (c/o) Luminess Air Via Hawke Media, Many Thanks! 🙂

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