Kylie Cosmetics – “Metal Matte” Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches!

Hi Everyone!

It seems there’s no stopping the growth of Kylie Cosmetics. The company is in huge demand and sells out instantly online even with weekly to bi-weekly restocks. They have now expanded their line of lip products to include metal matte liquid lipsticks. I managed to get all three shades “Reign”, “King K” & “Heir” last week and wanted to share what my thoughts were on them with you guys. The colors are absolutely stunning; “Reign” is the deepest shade with a burgundy/wine colored undertone. It’s a great choice for a sexy night out on the town with your boyfriend, partner or boyfriend. The second color “King K” is a little more of an in your face gold shade that you can wear alone or use as a topper to a lipstick, liquid lipstick or if you’re feeling adventurous – mix it with your favorite gloss for some extra shine. And lastly, “Heir” is probably my favorite out of the three; this pinkish gold shade is beautiful. The metallic reflex gives you the perfect pout. This color is the most demure of the set, but is also the most versatile.  You can wear “Heir” with a bevy of makeup looks. I personally like to wear it as a topper to a neutral colored liquid lipstick. I place it right at the center of my lips to create an ombre effect which make them appear a little larger and full. I wouldn’t wear this shade alone though, I don’t feel like its opaque enough for me even when I layer it on. The formula of these lippies is nice, light-weight and comfortable, but they definitely don’t dry completely matte. I’m not sure why she would call them a metal matte?! They do last on the lips, but be aware that if you eat or drink something, they do transfer slightly. I don’t mind reapplying the product if necessary, but I know some of you like a completely transfer-proof lipstick, if that’s the case than this product is not for you. The packaging is exactly the same as her Kylie lip kits and glosses and they have a doe-foot applicator as the liquid lipsticks (guess she learned her lesson from the 1st failed brush applicators on the glosses LOL). If you are a lipstick junkie like myself, than they are a must have in your beauty collection. Have you gotten any of the metal mattes from Kylie Cosmetics? What do you think? Let me know below!


*These metallic liquid lipsticks are currently sold out, but retail for $18.00 each and $54.00 for the set of all three colors. I heard there will be a restock tomorrow 5/26/16*







“King K”


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