The Des Vignes Perfume…

When I say a scent is absolutely heavenly…I MEAN IT! This perfume stick purchased at J.Crew from french brand “Caudalie” has instantly become my new favorite scent! I have literally not stopped drenching myself in this perfume since I got it this week, it has a certain “je ne sais quoi”. Caudalie makes amazing and nourishing skin care products and scents. They also develop a lot of their own formulas. With its notes of neroli, ginger liquor, orange blossom and jasmine, it will have you feeling like your strolling around a beautiful french vineyard! And honestly, who doesn’t want to feel like their in Paris, the city of LOVE?! I’m definitely running to Sephora this weekend and buying the full sized bottle, I have a feeling the mini one I got will go by quickly!


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