A Touch Of Soy With Healthy Sexy Hair!

I was first introduced to “Sexy Hair” products by my mother who’s been using their line of goods for the last couple of years. When they came out with this healthier alternative of hair care, I was all over it and decided to try out their hairspray first as it’s what I use on a regular basis. Soy touchable gives you a natural kind of hold, with lots of added volume and shine. It’s humidity resistant and controls ugly frizz, which is great for us curly haired girls on a rainy day lol! It also protects your hair from heat styling tools such as a blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron. The ingredients in this spray are top notch! Soy, argan oil, cocoa and nourishing keratin proteins can all be found in this lovely bottle. One thing I truly enjoy is that this hairspray doesn’t cause any serious white flaking as other ones I’ve used. It simply fills the gaps in your hair nicely and strengthens and and protects the hairline, I highly recommend this product!



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