Pixi By Petra “Skin Treats” Review!

Hi Guys,

Today, I wanted to talk about something that I’m passionate about which is Skincare. I’m a true believer that makeup only looks as good as the canvas it’s painted on. Ever since I can remember, my mother drilled in my head how important it is to take care of your skin especially as you get older. Being that I’m in my 30’s now, I have definitely kicked up my skincare game a few notches. A sort of “pro” tip I can give is to use anti-aging products from a young age. You don’t have to wait until you’re in your 40’s or 50’s to do so. I’ve personally been using anti-aging products since I was in my twenty’s as early prevention. You are never too young to incorporate anti-aging items into your skincare routine. Because of my dedication to good skin, I can honestly say I look younger than 30. I actually feel I have better and clearer skin in my 30s than I ever had when I was in my 20’s LOL!

With that being said, I don’t really mind investing a good amount of money on high-end lotions and creams if they really do work towards achieving flawless skin. I just haven’t found many drugstore products besides brands like Cerave or Cetaphil that work for me until now. I’ve recently been using products from the Skin Treats line by Pixi by Petra for over a month and discovered a new favorite! I tested out 4 items from this line their “24k Eye Elixir”, “Glow Mist”, “Glowtion Day Dew” & “Beauty Sleep Cream” and have quickly fallen in love with each. The “24k Eye Elixir” is an anti-fatigue peptide serum that helps massage away puffiness and simply refreshes the eye area. It’s infused with anti-aging ingredients such as collagen that prevent signs of fatigue and plumps up fine lines. The feature I enjoy the most is the cooling rollerball applicator that stimulates circulation around the eye and can be chilled before use for extra de-puffing! Their “Glow Mist” is excellent for dry skin types and once shaken & sprayed, gives off a radiant mist for a dewy effect on the skin.  It can set your makeup or refresh it instantly. Your skin will feel extra hydrated since this specific spray is enriched with 13 natural oils in addition to the propolis, aloe vera & fruit extracts already included in this baby.

The “Glowtion Day Dew” is another excellent product from this line. It’s a super light-weight moisturizer/skin perfector that soothes your skin while blurring imperfections. It gives you a beautiful lit from within glow! It makes your skin look healthier and all around even, boosting dull skin. This day dew features lavender oils, purifying kaolin and brightening mica for a natural looking radiance. The “Beauty Sleep Cream” is also a gem. It features 100% natural mango butter and lavender, lemon and bergamot oils making it a nourishing night treatment that can be used to comfort and soothe the skin’s surface. It’s fast-absorbing and helps protect your skin while you sleep. Each item smells amazing and the scents are very calming. I also love the packaging of this line, simple and to the point. The light green packaging color is pleasant to the eye and easy to spot out if purchasing in-store at Target. Have you beauties picked anything up from this skin line? If so, let me know your thoughts in the comments!


 “24k Eye Elixir” – $22.00

“Glow Mist” – $15.00

“Glowtion Day Dew” – $22.00

“Beauty Sleep Cream” – $24.00




The Skin Treats Products Featured In This Post Were Courtesy Of (c/o) Pixi By Petra, Many Thanks!

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