Perfect Spring Nails With No7!

What better way to kick off the spring season than with some bright new nail polishes by No7! Usually when spring is upon us, I like getting my manicure/pedicure in bold in-your face colors. It just puts me in a good mood and ready to enjoy the spring sun, breeze and the sight of flowers blooming. One of my favorite drugstore brands is No7, I have worked with them since I started my blog three years ago and I am always impressed by the affordable, good quality products they put out. It’s no different with their “Gel Finish Nail Colour” Collection. Available in an array of different shades, these lacquers will be your new best friend this season. Pretty packaging, high impact color and a shiny long-lasting finish, you simply can’t go wrong with these in your beauty arsenal! At just $8.99 for each polish, this product is worth every single penny! I used one of the colors in the photo below last week when I got a mani/pedi done before IMATS and the color lasted 5 days with no chipping, amazing! I think my favorite thing about this polish is the brush applicator; it’s the perfect size to apply the color easily without getting outside the nail line. Even my manicurist was praising the brush applicator, she loved it! And after she finished doing my nails, she said she would be running to the drugstore and picking up some of these polishes for herself; enough said! Now go run out to your local pharmacy or order them online so you can see what I’m talking about!


*Each nail polish retails for $8.99*



  • Coral Crush
  • Summer Holiday
  • Sweet Lilac
  • Purple Bouquet
  • Persian Blue

The nail polishes featured in this post were Courtesy Of (c/o) Boots No7 via Coburn Communication, Many Thanks!

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