Does Kylie Jenner Have Another Hit On Her Hands W/Glosses?!

Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased the brand new Lip Glosses by Kylie Cosmetics. I was a huge fan of her Lip Kits that I also got a few months ago and did a full review on (see the link to that post below) so naturally when she came out with glosses, I wanted to get my hands on some to try out for you guys. I was fortunate enough to get all three colors on the first shot! Now the difference between these glosses and her lip kits is that they retail for $15 each instead of $29 each and they do not come with a matching lip pencil. The box that houses the glosses is also much smaller and slimmer. The actual tube and design for the lip gloss is exactly the same as the liquid lipstick. The gloss also has a brush applicator instead of a doe-foot one as the liquid lipstick. After using these glosses for the last week since receiving them, I have come to the conclusion that I definitely do enjoy them. They are pigmented and shiny as the Anastasia glosses and the formula is long-lasting and not sticky on the lips. They also smell sweet like cup cakes or cake batter as her liquid lipsticks. The only issue I have with these glosses is the brush applicator. I have never been a fan of brush applicators period, but the ones on these glosses suck especially more than others. My applicators came defective and it made applying the glosses difficult. And when attempting to put on the gloss with this defective brush, it simply wastes too much product. I wasn’t the only one with this problem either, many have complained about the same thing. I did hear from one of Kylie’s snaps that she is changing the applicator to a smaller brush on the next batch of glosses which is great and all, but how about giving refunds to the thousands of loyal customers who bought these glosses without knowing about the defective brush? So far there has been no statement made by Kylie and her company acknowledging this problem and how they are going to rectify the situation which is disappointing to say the least. Are these glosses good, yes very much so, but that brush applicator is really taking away from that; hopefully, this issue is resolved on future re-stocks.


*The glosses retail for $15 each*



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