What’s In My Makeup Bag?!

I thought today would be the perfect day to share with you all the basic girly essentials I carry with me in my makeup bag. These are items I can’t leave the house without. Every woman has their beauty pet peeves that they must carry at all times, especially in case of a beauty emergency and you’re not close to home. Whether your at the office all day working you’re little butts off, or meeting up with friend’s for a fun girl’s night out, these products are definite must-haves!


  • Victoria’s Secret “Love Spell” Body Splash – Perfect & easy scent to throw on when you’re morning perfume wears off and you need a refreshing pick me up…
  • theBalm “Sexy Mama” Anti-Shine Translucent Powder – This powder eliminates shine from your T-zone and helps set any concealer or foundation. Packaging is super cute and flirty. Easy to carry and includes a nice sized mirror…
  • Jordana “Easy Liner – For Lips” Retractable Pencil – In Color: Tawny – A brown/pinkish lip liner that goes seamlessly with any gloss or lipstick you choose to apply. Helps reduce feathering at the lips…
  • Buxom “Full-On Lip Cream” – In Color: White Russian – Beautiful nude/pinkish lip gloss with plumping effects that make your lips look neutral and gorgeously pouty…
  • MAC Cosmetics “Ruby Woo” Matte Lipstick – Because every girl needs a red lipstick in their bag at all times! You never know when you need to amp up your look!
  • EOS “Smooth Sphere” Lip Balm – In Flavor: Honeysuckle Honeydew – I LOVE this lip balm! Excellent to just throw in your bag and go! This balm leaves my lips super soft and always moisturized…
  • Benefit Cosmetics “Watt’s Up!” Highlighter (Travel Size) – Luminous sheen and gives the face an amazing glow. This travel sized cream highlighter is one of my faves!
  • Benefit Cosmetics “They’re Real!” Mascara (Travel Size) – My favorite mascara in travel size form! This product leaves your lashes looking lustrous and voluminous, almost like you’re wearing fake lashes!
  • L’occitane En Provence “Delice Des Fruits Cintron & Clementine” Hand Cream – I have very dry hands, especially during the winter time here in NYC. This cream keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized and the scent is divine!
  • Nice & Clean “Lens Cleaning Wipes” – Since I wear glasses, these are great to carry when my lenses need to be cleaned from fingerprints and smudges!
  • Purell “Hand Sanitizer” – Scent: Refreshing Florals – Must have to keep hands clean and bacteria free at all times!
  • Maybelline “Dream Bouncy” Blush – In Color: 60 Coffee Cake – Whenever you need some color added to your cheeks at the end of the day, this little compact cream blush is the way to go! The Coffee Cake shade has a great bronzy sheen…

“Happy Everything” Pouch is from American Eagle Outfitters









Nice & Clean “Lens Cleaning Wipes” – Bought at local 99 cent store…




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