Current Beauty Obsessions…

Below are my most recent beauty obsessions. I’ve been using these items non-stop since I got them and I’m totally loving each product, especially the Laura Mercier lip gloss and nail polish. I’ve become a new fan of her line and it’s great quality. The lipgloss is light weight, but rich and the color is vibrant with a good sheen. The nail lacquer is in a beautiful neutral nude color that’s perfect for everyday and it hardly chips, which is always a plus! The eye shadow base from NYX helps intensify and create a smooth canvas for which ever color you choose to apply on your lids, it also helps prevent fall out! MAC’s tinted lip balm in “glace”, is a good alternative on days you don’t feel like adding any noticeable lip color. It completely moisturizes and nourishes your lips. And finally, Banana Republic’s “Wildbloom” perfume is a sweet and fruity fragrance that is completely delectable. The notes of pink grapefruit, guava, pear, blue orchid, wild camellias, water hydrangea, hawaiian pikake, patchouli musk sandalwood and suede make this scent fresh and inviting. There’s nothing that can come in between a girl and her must-haves!


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