Spread The Awareness Word: Angela & Roi Handbags!

Angela & Roi is a unique handbag company founded by real life couple Angela Lee & Roi Lee. They provide fashion forward quality, vintage inspired bags without sacrificing their high moral principles. Their multi-colored, vegan leather goods are both classically designed and sold at a competitive and reasonable price point. The great thing about this brand that really touches my heart, is the fact that they donate $5.00 from each purchase made to a philanthropic organization. Different medical conditions relate to specific colors within this line, for example a purse with a detachable pink ribbon will have a donation made directly to The “Ellie Fund” for Breast Cancer Awareness. Wouldn’t it make you feel good about yourself and like you have real purpose beyond being trendy by raising awareness rocking this delicious handbag? Just knowing that a small portion of the money you invested in this will help a person who very much needs it is simply icing on the cake! As you can see, I created a mini montage of some of my favorite Angela & Roi pieces also their colors/pricing info. Right below that is a picture which includes all their color ribbons and what foundation the donation you’ll make will end up going to. Do yourself a favor and take 5 minutes to check out their amazing website, you won’t regret it!



Microsoft Word - Media.docx

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