A Bit Of San Fran With Jeweliq…

Jeweliq is a San Francisco based line of accessories that I’m absolutely obsessing over. After seeing several bloggers over the last month post their Jeweliq finds, I just had to join the band wagon and give them a try. After browsing through their website, I decided to order their “Charcoal Soiree Necklace” because it was one of the many pieces that caught my immediate attention. The multi-colored stones are perfect to combine with a variety of different outfit choices. I’d also like to point out the fact that all of their jewelry is $25 and under! How perfect and convenient is that? Great for ladies who want fashion forward accessories without making a huge dent in their wallets. They also have excellent customer service! I placed my online order Monday afternoon and by Thursday of the same week, I had the necklace in my hands. Jeweliq also threw in a pair of matching mini earrings and a lovely thank you card for my purchase. Talk about outstanding service! I plan on buying many more pieces from them, the craftsmanship of my necklace is excellent. Very reminiscent of J.Crew accessories. This San Fran gem is here to stay!



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