Damaged Hair Has Met It’s Match With Living Proof!

I recently got upgraded to a V.I.B. status card (very important beauty insider) at Sephora! As you can see by this title, I am constantly shopping there…more than I should actually lol! I ended up accumulating over 500 points on my card and got a free gift of life size samples from “Living Proof”, a fantastic and fast growing hair care line. One of those samples was their “Restorative Mask Treatment”, which I absolutely fell in LOVE with after using some on my hair over the weekend while getting a wash & set at my salon. This mask is a weekly treatment that completely nourishes the hair and leaves it super soft, manageable, shiny and smooth! It makes dry and damaged hair look and feel protected, healed and like each strand is resistant to future breakage! Living Proof is simply high quality hair products created by a talented group of expert stylists and biotech scientists for extremely reasonable and affordable prices. I was completely satisfied with how my hair looked after using this mask and on my next trip to Sephora, I plan on getting the rest of this line of products like the shampoo and conditioner to further enhance my hair’s natural beauty!



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