My New Coach Bag!

My parents recently came back from a glorious trip to Puerto Rico and with that said, they decided to stop by a Coach store in Old San Juan and buy my sister and I matching leather cross-body bags! You can imagine my excitement when I was gifted this little beauty over the weekend! I honestly did not even want to open the box because it was so elegantly stuffed and wrapped. Eventually I was glad when I did finally take it out of the box! This multicolored, buttery leather bag is the perfect accessory to take into the upcoming Fall season. The size, various interior pocket space, thick white stitching and adjustable strap make this bag a total hit in my eyes. Who wouldn’t want to be seen walking around with this gorgeous purse? The quality and workmanship speak for themselves and explain why Coach has been a top leather goods brand since the 1940’s!


3 thoughts on “My New Coach Bag!

  1. without even thinking about it I believe your latest coach bag matches your wallet. Isnt it wonderful to have a mom who always tried to get the best for their 2 daughters: Sadie & Vanessa. !Enjoy!

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