J.Crew’s Neon Mango Crystals!

Nothing gives you a little splash and a dash of sass like the color orange. This color instantly lifts the dullest of moods and gives you the brightest tan-like glow. You can’t feel anything, but happiness when wearing this cheerful color! J.Crew really knew what they were doing when they created the below accessory pieces. They are always one step ahead of the game when it comes to their exquisite jewelry pieces. They create gems that you will treasure for a lifetime if well taken care of. Their accessories garner me the most attention and compliments whenever I step foot outside my home. There’s nothing wrong in a girl getting noticed for all the right reasons! 🙂

1. J.Crew Factory – “Factory Brass-Plated Crystal Necklace” – In Color: Neon Mango – $49.50

2. J.Crew Factory – “Factory Crystal Sun Stud Earrings” – In Color: Bright Sun – $12.50



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