Urban Decay’s Vibrant Vice Palette!

A few months ago for my birthday, I received as a gift Urban Decay’s “The Vice Palette”. I was so lucky to even get my hands on this palette as it quickly sold out in stores and online. In true Urban Decay fashion, this 20 count palette does not disappoint! The array of neutral as well as bold eye colors are satisfying for the beauty obsessed. The options seam never-endless, It’s hard to narrow down the colors I’m going to wear for the day (lol). The shadows simply shimmer and sparkle in the light. I must say the only thing I wasn’t too fond of was the packaging as it gets dirty rather quickly. My favorite go-to shades are Echo Beach, Blitz, Chaos, Penny Lane & Laced.

List of Colors By Order:

1. Desperation

2. Junkie

3. Provocateur

4. Nevermind

5. Muse

6. Chaos

7. Rapture

8. Echo Beach

9. Jagged

10. Occupy

11. Vice

12. Anonymous

13. Blitz

14. Unhinged

15. Noise

16. Freebird

17. Penny Lane

18. Black Market

19. Armor

20. Laced

Urban Decay – “The Vice Palette” – $59.00


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