Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes With MAC…

When your an avid lover of makeup and all things beauty, you start to collect an obscene amount of brushes for different areas of your face, eyes and lips. It is highly important to always try and clean them out, not only to remove colors, but to eliminate germs that stay on the brushes after every use. Doing this at least once a week with a brush cleanser/hot water & soap would be the ideal, but with busy schedules interfering, its understandable that this isn’t always possible. I suggest trying to clean them at least once a month so it doesn’t get too icky lol! I really like the brush cleanser from MAC Cosmetics. Its a good size bottle that will last for months and in a snap, quickly removes all color/dirt from the brushes! Its quite effective, I’ve been using this cleanser for years and highly recommend it!

MAC Cosmetics – “Brush Cleanser” – $14.00 –


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