J.Crew Factory Luxury Finds!

J.Crew is a brand that I truly love and admire. I can go into one of their stores and get lost in all their beautiful clothing and accessories, which can definitely put a damper in my wallet lol. Their attention to color, print and luxury italian fabrics are what makes this label stand out against all the rest. Especially in the last 10 years in which they’ve become a more fashion forward driven brand, but are still able to provide you with the basic essentials and staples. Even our first lady, Michelle Obama is crazy about J.Crew and acquires many of her outfits from them. Yes it can get a bit pricey, but why not pay a little more for some quality items that you can have in your closet for years to come?! I did some online shopping Sunday afternoon at their factory store (already reduced priced items) as they had an amazing sale and found a must-have necklace and purse in pretty pastel colors to add brightness to my ever increasing Spring/Summer wardrobe 🙂

J.Crew Factory – www.factory.jcrew.com

1. J.Crew Factory – “Factory Crystal Petal Necklace” In Color: Portico Blue – Now $44.50

2. J.Crew Factory – “Factory Whittier Purse” In Color: Sweet Hyacinth – Now $88.00



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