Oh Louis Louis!

Back in high school I always wanted to buy myself a Louis Vuitton bag, but obviously had no money. I was intent on that being my first big name brand purchase after college when I started my career. In 2008, I had only been in the fashion business for about 2 years I saved christmas money, birthday money, my own money and with the power of perseverance got what I wanted. I remember like yesterday when I walked into the Louis Vuitton section at Macy’s and finally picked up my bag. It was the most expensive purse I have ever purchased even 5 years later. Do I think it was worth it, yes! And would I do it again absolutely! Louis Vuitton will be a handbag I can have forever! It’s a classic like Chanel, only keeps getting better with age! It showed me at a young age that if I truly want something, work hard and keep my eyes on the prize, I could attain whatever I wanted.

Louis Vuitton “Speedy 30” – $875.00 – http://www.louisvuitton.com

photo-50 copy

2 thoughts on “Oh Louis Louis!

  1. I am in the same boat. I just purchased my first Louis Vuitton about a week ago and waited until I received my bonus and tax return from work! It was definitely hard to swipe my credit card, but so far it has not been a purchase I’ve regretted! I love the bag you got, I got the Delightful MM!

    1. Thanks! I know how you feel, I cringed when I had to pay…It was an expense, but I love that bag! 5 years later and it’s still one of my faves! Enjoy your new bag!!

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