Nail Polish Organization 101

My love of nail polishes runs deep. I thoroughly enjoy selecting new colors to add to my growing collection. A few months ago I did a huge cleanup of all my old polishes and decided I needed a rack to keep all of them organized. As I looked online I didn’t like the clear plastic ones they were selling that looked like the kind in nail salons. A friend of mine suggested I check Amazon as she had recently found one there herself. She told me it was actually a really pretty spice rack that she decided to use as a nail polish rack instead. So I checked it out, adored it and decided to get one too!  I’m actually thinking of probably getting another 1 or 2 more as I’m constantly buying new colors every 2 weeks. Each shelf on this rack allows for about 2 rows of polishes. It might look small, but it holds a lot, it’s sturdy and you can mount it on your wall for easy display. I like to keep the polishes in order by brand and color (from lightest to darkest).

Amazon – “Spectrum Wall-Mountable Black Scroll Spice Rack” – $15.82 –

photo-48 copy

photo-49 copy

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