Review: Perricone MD “DMAE Firming Pads”

Hi Everyone,

Today, I wanted to discuss a skin care gem I’ve been using for almost 2 months. I’ve been completely obsessed with this product since I started implementing it into my nightly routine. Perricone MD’s DMAE saturated treatment pads help tighten, tone and smooth out the appearance of wrinkles for absolutely radiant skin after use. The pad can be pressed onto the skin (within your designated problem areas) to enhance its firming benefits. Your skin will feel instantly refreshed and awakened with its gentle exfoliation whether using daily or nightly. These pads are formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates so it’s ideal for people who truly care about what really lies within the products they use. It’s also non-acidic and non-irritating which is great for those with sensitive skin. I especially love the cooling sensation this product gives off and the fact that it comes with 60 DMAE pads in the container for just $80.00. If used once a day, it can last up to 2 months easy so it’s a definite bang for your buck! Have you guys tried any products from Perricone MD? What are some of your faves as I’d like to try even more items from this line – let me know down in the comments!


*These firming pads retail for $80.00 a container  – (60 count). I did find them on sale at Ulta right now for $40.00, so stock up!*


The DMAE Firming Pads Featured In This Post Were Courtesy Of (c/o) Perricone MD Via Behrman PR, Many Thanks!

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