Fall Mix: Pleats & Peplums!

From my earlier posts you can clearly see I’m just a little bit obsessed with peplum tops! I’m literally fascinated by them. I’ve gotten about 4 tops from my job with this detail and the below is one of them. The Rebecca Taylor “Pleated Tee” has become my “it” item and wardrobe staple for Fall. I wore this out on my birthday dinner with my husband and family 2 weeks ago and could not stop receiving compliments on it! It’s a modern spin on a girly and feminine detail. This cute pleated number is unbelievably comfortable and flattering, has great stretch and can be styled with an array of different bottoms. I especially like the touch of leather on the neckline binding. The print is signature Rebecca Taylor leopard with a twist as the fabric is textured. I don’t believe I’ll get tired of this trend anytime soon! My defined waistline in this top thanks you! 😀



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