Kylie Cosmetics “The Burgundy Palette I Kyshadow” Review + Swatches!

Hi Everyone,

I was finally able to get my hands on one of the Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow palettes this past Cyber Monday and I wanted to discuss my thoughts with you all ASAP. Kylie Jenner’s “The Burgundy Palette” comes with 9 pressed eye shadows (5 mattes, 3 metallics & 1 satin finish). The shades are talc and paraben free and have a medium build-able coverage. Each shadow is smooth and blends with ease on the eye. You can apply them as is or add a little fix plus to amplify the shadows even more especially the metallics for a more dramatic effect. The shades included in this palette are a neutral to warm lover’s dream, perfect for fall & the holiday season. The color selection kind of reminds me of Anastasia Beverly Hills “Modern Renaissance Palette” with its stunning bright burgundy’s, red oranges & warm browns, just smaller and more compact. Kylie really did out-do herself with the packaging of this product. I love the slim square cardboard shape of the palette with her eyes printed at the front of it dripping burgundy metallic goodness. With that said, this palette does not come with an inside mirror and in all honesty, I don’t mind it. I rarely if ever, use the mirrors included in my palettes even when I travel. Plus, I like not having the extra bulk or worrying about the mirror breaking while on the go. Now for the $42.00 price point do I wish it came with the extra feature? Absolutely, but it doesn’t make or break how good these shadows are with or without that mirror. I do however wish the name of each shadow was printed below each pan instead of the sticker at the back of the palette. It’s just easier for me to navigate to when the names are clearly printed where my eye can see. This palette is very true to Kylie’s own makeup and design esthetic and I can appreciate the effort she put into it, especially when I’ve heard very mixed reviews on her 1st eye shadow effort “The Bronze Palette”. I don’t own that other palette, but from what I’ve heard and read “The Burgundy Palette” is a major improvement, hands down. It seems like she really listened to people’s complaints of the last palette and took that into serious consideration when creating her 2nd effort. I have truly enjoyed this palette and if she continues to produce palettes like this one, than I will definitely not have a problem continuing to support her brand 🙂


*This palette retails for $42.00*







“Naked” (Satin Finish – Golden Sand)

“Beach” (Matte Finish – Light Warm Brown)

“Penny” (Matte Finish – Red Orange)

“LA” (Metallic Finish – True Copper)

“Burgundy” (Matte Finish – Bright Red Burgundy)

“Dubai” (Metallic Finish – Burgundy)

“Brick” (Matte Finish – Dirty Brick)

“NY” (Metallic Finish – Warm Bronze)

“Almond” (Matte Finish – Deep Red Brown)

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