Sleek Makeup “Solstice Highlighting Palette” Review + Swatches!

Hi Guys,

I’m so happy to be back to blogging after a week-long break. I just needed a few days to get my Christmas décor up and finish gift-shopping for my loved ones. Now that I’m more relaxed, I can get back to doing what I do best and that’s talk about beauty! A recent item I have been abusing while on hiatus is the Sleek Makeup “Solstice Highlighting Palette”. After hearing many YouTube beauty guru’s rave about this product for months, I finally got around to picking one up online when it was restocked. This palette comes with 4 highly metallic shades (1 cream formula, 1 silky shimmer & 2 baked powder highlighters). The colors will suit many different skin tones from very fair to medium/tan all the way to dark chocolate. This product is not tested on animals, which is always a plus in my book because I have a furry friend at home. When used, it leaves you with a gorgeous luminous glow and sheen. The baked powder highlighters are extremely pigmented, just the tiniest bit goes a long way. Each highlighter whether cream or powder, glide on the skin smooth like butter. If you are like me and want a glow that will be seen from outer space and beyond, this is the palette for you! If you’re into more subtle highlighters, then stay clear of this particular palette. It is definitely not for the faint of heart LOL! I rather enjoying bathing myself in this highlight haha and to amp it up even more, I like adding some to my shoulders, décolletage and a little on the legs for a sexy night out. My only complaint is the flimsy packaging of this palette. I do love the gold color exterior and the nice sized mirror on the inside, but the actual palette itself is very light-weight. I would have paid a little extra on the already affordable price if that meant having sturdier packaging for my own peace of mind. I would be pissed if this accidently fell on the floor and shattered the 2 powders which I enjoy the most out of the 4 shades. Have you guys purchased any items from Sleek Makeup before? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments!


“This palette retails for $17.61 USD*










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