Kenzo x H&M Collab – What I Got!

Hello Loves,

Earlier this month the Kenzo x H&M collection was released both online and in-store. This affordable collaboration was designed to cater more to the masses as Kenzo Paris is a more luxury brand and a celebrity favorite. I was lucky enough to snag a few pieces and wanted to share what I purchased with you all. I managed to visit two H&M locations by my job that had a decent amount of product within their stores on the day of release. I figured I’d take a trip to the stores on my lunch break once the crowds died down. By the time I went, most of the things I wanted to purchase were gone. I really wanted a sweatshirt, but they only had few left in smaller sizes. People were clamoring over these pieces and that really isn’t my scene. Large groups of people can tend to give me some anxiety. By the time I was ready to leave, I ended up with 3 items, 2 hats and 1 t-shirt. If you’re a fashion lover, you know Kenzo is a brand full of bright colors that can be both eccentric in style and esthetic. Very few people can really pull of a head to toe Kenzo look. With my 3 pieces, I opted to be on the more low-key side of things. I for sure wanted some hats as I’ve been very into them this season; I got a pretty loud blue floral baseball hat with a tiger patch on it and Kenzo Paris embroidered at the front of it which is pretty true to Kenzo’s jungle design vision for this collab. I also snagged a tiger striped orange and black colored beanie that would be perfect with an all-black look and leather booties. My last piece is a black short sleeved t-shirt with a tiger and the words “Jungle” / “Kenzo Paris” embroidered on it. It’s a perfect tee to throw on with some skinny jeans and sneakers on a casual day out. This collection is currently sold out everywhere, but I provided photos below of my purchases as well as prices for each. You can still find some pieces on eBay, but please be aware that you will be paying double or triple the actual retail price. Did you guys score any pieces from this collection? Tell me what you think of it down in the comments! 🙂


*Currently sold out both online & in-stores, you can still purchase some items on eBay – see link below*











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