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I had the honor of attending a Media preview for the new NYX Cosmetics store front located in Union Square, NY about a week and a half ago. I wanted to share some tidbits of my experience with you all. And in case you missed it, I also linked below my previous posts on two of the NYX store openings I went to earlier this year in both NJ & Brooklyn. This little slice of makeup heaven marks NYX’s 20th store location in the US. This newbie on the block is one of the largest stores and the first in the heart of New York City for NYX. The Union Square location is also extremely technologically innovative. When I walked in I felt an instant urge to navigate each section and explore all the makeup possibilities LOL! As with their other stores, you will find a lovely Beauty Bar which is interactive with custom video tutorials and where you can get your makeup done. There’s also a huge Lip & Shadow Bar with amazing color selections to satisfy your specific shade needs and wants. My absolute favorite feature in the new store (and might I add, the coolest) is their Colorcast Wall! This wall of screens shows the colors of the NYX makeup community from across the world. It can also scan your colors and reflect back the makeup artistry that features those specific shades! You’ll be able to filter the community based on hair and eye color as well as NYX makeup products! Another fantastic feature is that customers at this location will be able to sign up for one-on-one lessons with NYX artists. You can learn about highlighting and contouring, brows, lash application, the list goes on. So what are you waiting for? If you are in the NY area, I suggest you go take a visit to the USQ location ASAP (my favorite store yet), you won’t regret it!


  • The NYX Union Square flagship store opening marks the 20th opening in the US & first in New York City
  • NYX Professional Makeup stores feature a series of innovative technologies, such as the exclusive in-store Beauty Bar, an interactive makeup station featuring custom video tutorials, a trend-based Lip Bar, and Shadow Bar
  • Exclusive to the Union Square flagship store will be several new features, including:
  • The Colorcast Wall: Colorcast showcases the colors of the NYX Professional Makeup community from across the world. Colorcast will scan your colors and reflect back the makeup artistry that features those shades. Shoppers will also be able to filter the community content based on hair color, eye color, or iconic NYX Professional Makeup products.
  • Education: Three new digital makeup education experiences that will turn any makeup novice into an expert: the Brush Bar where anyone can master the techniques and uses of each brush, the Lash Bar where a guided experience can help shoppers find the perfect false lashes, and the Masterclass area where influencers and experts teach classes on makeup artistry.
  • Services: Shoppers at the Union Square store will be able to sign up for personalized one-on-one lessons from the NYX Professional Makeup artists. The menu of lessons includes highlight & contour, lash application, brow mastery, and others.

Visit this location:

NYX COSMETICS – 41 Union Square West New York, NY 10003

You can also shop for NYX products online if you have no store location close to you at the moment: www.nyxcosmetics.com

Previous Blog Posts On The NYX Willowbrook (NJ) & NYX Kings Plaza (BK) Media Previews:



Some of my snaps from the big night!


High Resolution pics provided by NYX 🙂


*Special Thanks To NYX Cosmetics & MML PR For The Invite & Providing Transportation To & From The Event!*

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