What A Feeling! Sola Look “Flashdance Palette”!

Hi Loves!

I’m super excited to share with you guys my thoughts on the Sola Look’s new matte eyeshadow palette! As most of you already know if you’ve been subscribed to my blog a long time, Sola Look is my favorite indie brand. Not only do I love the quality of their products and what they stand for, but I love the fact that they cater to Latinas. Their newest creation is inspired by one of the greatest dance movies from the 80’s “Flashdance”. For my 80’s and 90’s babies, I’m sure you remember this movie fondly. If you were born in the mid-90’S to early 2000’s, you might not now know of this movie. If so, I suggest you buy the dvd, stream it through Netflix or look it up online and watch it IMMEDIATELY. Jennifer Lopez’s video treatment for her 2002-2003 hit song “I’m Glad” is inspired solely on “Flashdance” – you can also YouTube this as a point of reference. “Flashdance” defined a generation combining music, fashion and dance all into one major motion picture. The 4 extra-large eyeshadow shades in this palette were inspired by the steel mills of Pittsburgh, PA where “Alex” the main character of the movie worked. The 4 shadow pans are very high quality in both formula and blend-ability. For being matte shadows, they are all pretty pigmented, which as you may know, can be tricky for some brands to pull off successfully. The pan sizes are very comparable to the Make Up Forever shadows, so even though there are only 4 colors within this palette, you do get a considerable amount of product to play with. And when you think about it, just one eyeshadow pan by MUFE is $21.00 each, this whole palette including 4 pans is $32.00! Extremely cost effective if you ask me! The color selection is also perfect for fall, you can’t go wrong with these 4 shades, and they flow easily together to create your preferred look. The packaging is super adorable and a nice ode to the movie both on the exterior and interior of the cardboard palette. You also get a decent sized mirror on the inside that is great to use when on the go! If you think this palette is to die for, just wait until you see what else they’re planning to come out with! I’ve already been given the early 411 and I’m telling you guys, it’s gonna be EPIC!


*This palette retails for $32.00*










The Palette Included In This Post Was Courtesy Of (c/o) Sola Look, Many Thanks!

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    1. Hi Angie – Thank you for your interest, but I write and edit all the posts for my blog myself. If that happens to change in the future, I will keep you in mind.

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