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Today, I’m reviewing a product that has been extremely hyped up on social media and by some of my favorite YouTube beauty guru’s – The Pat McGrath Labs “Lust 004 – Matte Lipstick Singles”. After failing to purchase the full lip kit online, which included a clear gloss and two pigments in addition to the lipsticks, I was able to find the lipstick singles still available at the Sephora by my job, so I took the plunge and bought two colors that immediately caught my eye – “Flesh 1” (a peach toned nude shade) & “Venom 1” (a bright blue under-toned red shade). Each lipstick single came packaged in a metallic pink/rose gold and plastic envelope baggy that included a ridiculous amount of matching pink/rose gold sequins that pours out as soon as you cut open this baby (I found this kind of annoying and unnecessary to be honest). The sequins, although luxurious and beautiful to look at, create an awful mess even if you try to preserve them in the packaging, best is to throw this trim away after opening the product. Each matte lipstick comes housed in an all-black shiny plastic tube that is both long and slim in size which makes them great to take on the go, but cheap to look at it. If you’re into fancy packaging, then you’re in for a real disappointment. I feel the tubes on these lippies are very flimsy and remind me of the wet and wild lipstick packaging I can find at my local pharmacy for $2.99. I truthfully think the packaging of these lipsticks is a real let-down for the $25.00 price point and for being sold at Sephora. I would much rather pay a little extra to ensure the product I buy comes in nice and sturdy packaging then something I feel can break easily. As for the actual product itself – I prefer the red “Venom 1” lipstick over the “Flesh 1” lipstick 10 times over. Although each lipstick was very pigmented and had extreme color pay-off, “Venom 1” just did it for me in all ways. From application, to longevity and comfort level – “Venom 1” was an A+ whereas “Flesh 1” failed miserably. This nude was not my favorite to say the least. I felt it got patchy throughout the day and stuck to all my dry patches horribly. It also didn’t last as long on my lips as the darker shade. I’d say if you are an avid makeup collector and want to try these lipsticks out, stick to the darker colors in the collection and stay clear of the nudes! If you care about your budget and quality of product, save your cash, you can find another matte lipstick in the market with a similar formula/pigmentation for cheaper and with better packaging!


*Each lipstick single retails for $25.00 (Currently Sold Out)*



“Flesh 1”

“Venom 1”


    1. It’s pretty to look at, but I feel the actual product packaging was so cheap for the hefty price tag of the items. You can get another bomb high-end product that is both pigmented and in sturdier packaging.

      1. I am just loving your blog by the way! Your photography is insane and the products just make me want to go out and spend all my money! I’ve followed you on Twitter so I can keep up to date 🙂 xx

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