Glossier. Flavored Balm Dotcom

Hi Guys!

A pet peeve of mine is having dry, irritated and or cracked lips. I try to maintain them as moisturized as possible especially during the cold winter months here in NYC. To keep my lips super soft and hydrated, I love to use either a good lip balm, skin salve or lip mask and drink lots of water. One skin salve I recently came across was from Glossier. This summer, they introduced four mood-enhancing flavors to their ever popular original balm dotcom and I just had to get some! This skin salve is a super dense long-lasting formula that’s jam packed with antioxidants and natural emollients. It helps repair and nourish dry skin with its waxy texture that stays in place and seals in moisture where ever it goes. I chose flavors “Cherry” & “Rose” because those are some of my all-time favorite scents. These balms have not disappointed and in just a few days, I’ve noticed a dramatic difference on my skin. My lips are ridiculously softer and all dryness has been eliminated. I love applying this salve right before I go to sleep so it can work its magic over night! And the simple yet chic packaging of this product is too cute for words! It looks like a skin cream that was prescribed straight from your doctor LOL! I love that it comes in a squeezy tube with a bright pop of color on the top half of it and on the cap. I’ve enoyed these little guys so much; I just might buy the other flavors so I can collect them all and complete my balm dotcom army!


*This skin salve retails for $12.00 each*








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