Joiful Little Hair Repair Secret With Joico!

Hi Guys!

I don’t know about you, but being right smack in the middle of summer, you are probably busy hitting up the beach, pool or theme park on the long weekends with family and friends. With that said, hair care should be of the up most importance to you. We all know that sun rays, salt water or chlorine from the pool can wreak damaging effects to your lovely locks if you don’t take early enough precautions. I am a huge fan of deep conditioning or hair repair treatments and use them almost all year around, especially in the summer time where my hair seems to dry out, become dull and get more split ends than usual. Recently, I have been really enjoying the “K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment” by Joico. This baby is a color-safe treatment that makes your hair stronger, more vibrant, and healthier than ever. I noticed an immediate difference in my hair after only one use. In addition, this little gem makes your hair 9x more resistant to future breakage, basically awesomeness in a squeezy tube LOL! I use this treatment after I shampoo my hair and use a regular conditioner. I leave it on between 10-20 min, and then rinse it off thoroughly with warm water. My hair tangles up easily and using this product really has helped prevent combing breakage as well! It’s great to use before or after you hit the pool or beach as a preventative measure. I highly recommend this product to you all, your hair will thank you! 🙂


*This repair treatment retails for $19.99*



The Hair Repair Treatment Featured In This Post Was Courtesy Of (c/o) Joico, Many Thanks!

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