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I had the pleasure of attending a Media preview for the new NYX store location at Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Brooklyn, NY almost two weeks ago. It was so much fun and I met some great people while there, I wanted to share some of my experience with you all. If you read my previous post a few months back on the NYX Willowbrook location (linked below if you haven’t seen it), than you will already be familiar with the basic inside layout of the store. The Kings Plaza location is lovely and right by Macy’s when you enter the shopping center. The actual store is a decent size, not too big and not too small. I love how everything has its own section. Same as the NYX Willowbrook store, this new location has an innovative “NYX Beauty Bar”, which is my favorite feature. It’s where customers can sit and choose from a number of different tutorials to then re-create looks using their iPads in front of them that feature their fave beauty influencers/vloggers guiding them step by step – very kick ass! On each wall you will find beauty items organized by each category and by color for the EYES, LIPS & FACE with all pricing information conveniently listed. This of course saves a lot of time and makes finding things a breeze. The space itself feels so open and even though they have a ton of product, I never felt for one minute like it was cluttered. Everything in the store has its place and reason which to any person with OCD – it’s a dream come true haha! This NYX location will quickly become any beauty lover’s oasis. You can easily find products to create a full makeup look on a budget. It’s a great place to hit up with your girlfriends on a weekend after brunch to get beautified! The staff of girls there are amazing and so friendly. They are willing to help answer any questions you might have and find products you’re looking for. Honestly, if you are in the NY area and live outside of Brooklyn, getting to Kings Plaza can be a bit of a trip, but it’s definitely worth it if you are willing to trek it there on a weekend! If you have a car, it will be easier for you than taking public transportation 🙂

Visit this location:

NYX COSMETICS – 5100 Kings Plaza, 1st FL in Brooklyn

Additional store openings are planned throughout the remainder of 2016. A little birdie told me 2 more NY locations will be opening up VERY SOON (wink, wink) – I’ll keep you posted on that!

You can also shop for NYX products online if you have no store location close to you at the moment: www.nyxcosmetics.com

Previous Blog Post On The NYX Willowbrook Media Preview In NJ:


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*Special Thanks to NYX Cosmetics & MML PR for inviting me to this event!*

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