New Kenra Platinum “Revive” Collection!

Hi There!

I’ve been having a serious love affair with Kenra Professional hair care products. Absolutely everything I’ve tried from this brand has been awesome! From how the actual products work on my hair type, to the sleek packaging and amazing scent, these products are an A+ in my book. I was recently sent their new “Revive” line of hair care and once again they hit it out of the ball park for me. I got 5 products in total, their “Revive Oil”, “Revive Complex – Leave in Fortifier”, “Revive Shampoo & Conditioner” and the “Revive Treatment – Strengthening Mask”. Now – because of my blog, I get a lot of hair products sent to me for review consideration. With that said, the last couple of weeks the only products I have been using when washing and setting my hair have been from Kenra, that statement alone speaks volumes! For those of you who are new to my blog, you might not know that I have naturally very Curly Hispanic hair which I often straighten. Not that I dislike my curls, but for a busy NYC girl like myself who works full-time and blogs on the side, having my hair blown out straight is easier to manage on an everyday basis than taming unruly curls. I am not a natural when styling my own hair. I don’t have the talent that many girls do in regards to creating on trend hair styles. One – I have no time, two – I have no patience and three – when I attempt to do anything besides a bun or a top knot, it usually is an epic failure. So to the ladies who are so good creating hair styles they can actually have a side gig in a salon, I applaud you 100 times over! With Kenra’s new “Revive” line I have noticed a significant change in my hair for the better. My scalp feels squeaky clean after washing, my hair is easier to blow out and style, my hair has more luster and shine and the deep conditioner has put a kibosh on those ugly dead ends. If you want to have your hair Spring ready, then give Kenra a try and purchase something from them the next time you find yourself in Ulta! My own personal fave from the new collection is their “Revive Treatment – Strengthening Mask”, works wonders!



The “Revive” hair care collection featured in this post was Courtesy Of (c/o) Kenra Professional via MML PR, Many Thanks!

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