New Wet n Wild Vegan Makeup Brushes!

Hey Loves!

As you all probably know by now, Wet n Wild recently released new makeup brushes that are absolute fire! Wet n Wild was already one of my favorite drugstore brands, but they have definitely taken it up a notch when it comes to these brushes in comparison to some of their older models. Their new cruelty-free vegan makeup brushes have quickly become a hot commodity in the beauty world. Beauty bloggers and vloggers alike could not stop talking about them so I just had to find some to review for you guys! I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty hard finding these brushes, I must have looked into 10 different pharmacies from Duane Reade to Walgreens to CVS, it was a journey indeed. I only ended up finding two eye brushes in Kmart, the rest of the brushes I collected, I had to order online. They were sold out everywhere people! I ordered 4 face brushes through the Wet n Wild website and the other 2 (one face brush and one eye brush) I had to order through ebay. Thank God the ebay prices were still very affordable and not totally inflated as most ebay items are lol. I have a total of 8 brushes and I’m completely infatuated with them. They have been the only brushes I’ve been using lately and with good reason! They are ridiculously cheap, barely shed a hair when washed and apply makeup beautifully. The eye brushes are 99 cents each and the bigger face brushes will run you about $2.99 a piece. I have no idea how Wet n Wild can produce such good quality brushes and sell them for so cheap and still make a profit?! And let’s not even talk about how gorgeous the brushes actually are! The bristles are white with pink tips which give them a sort of ombre effect; the handle and ferrule are a clean bright white color with an ergonomic handle for a perfect grip! If you are lucky enough to find them in your local drugstore, DO NOT and I mean DO NOT even hesitate to get whichever ones you come across! They are AMAZING for the price point and great for freelancers who can’t afford to buy higher end brushes for their kit!



  1. Contour Brush – $2.99
  2. Small Concealer Brush – $.99
  3. Powder Brush – $2.99
  4. Large Eyeshadow Brush – $.99
  5. Flat Top Brush – $2.99
  6. Crease Brush – $.99
  7. Blush Brush – $2.99
  8. Fan Brush – $2.99


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