It Cosmetics: My Sculpted Face Universal Contour Palette!

Good Afternoon Beauties!

When it comes to Contour palettes, I’ve definitely tried my fair share! I love being able to play with the shadows of my face. Whether to highlight and bring out what I like or hide, slim and narrow down what I dislike. Since Anastasia Beverly Hills first came through with a contour palette (basically the first in its nature) I feel like many other makeup brands have followed suit. Through the mass array of contour palettes out now both cream and powder and both high and low end, I’ve never actually found one that I felt was perfect for me. That is, until I was sent the “My Sculpted Face” palette by It Cosmetics. This universal contour palette comes with the standard 6 pans of different colored powders (4 contouring shades and two highlighting shades) that can cater to all skin tones – fair, medium and dark. Personally, I prefer powders to contour with over creams, always have, at least for my skin type, so this palette being all powders is just up my alley. The pan size of each powder is about the same size as the Anastasia Beverly Hills ones, if not slightly bigger. Each powder is nicely milled and blend beautifully onto the skin with no blotchiness. The powders are silky smooth to the touch and are easy to build up without making your face have that muddied effect. This palette even comes with a handy step by step face chart you can use as reference if you are a 1st timer at contouring. As for the packaging, it’s very slim, making it perfect to travel with on the go and to store within your makeup collection. It’s the standard card board packaging as with many other palettes out in the market right now. It also comes with a perfectly sized double mirror on the opposite side of the powders for easy application when you are on the run. I would say the only thing lacking in this palette is a yellowish banana shade like the Anastasia or Kat Von D palette. Instead of two similar highlighting shades within the palette (one more matte, the other w/more shimmer), I would have preferred a banana powder mixed in there. I love a good banana shade to set my under eye concealer with, especially because I have a warm yellow undertone to my skin. This palette has been my go-to as of late, I have reached for it more than all my other palettes. I even like using some of the powders as eye shadows. Using this palette saves me so much time in the morning because it’s multi-use. Worth the $38.00 price tag if you ask me!


*This contouring palette retails for $38.00 for all six shades included and a double mirror, great deal!*

*The contouring palette featured in this post was Courtesy Of (c/o) It Cosmetics, Many Thanks!*



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