It Cosmetics: Superhero Mascara!

Happy Monday Loves!

Today, I wanted to do a quick review on the new It Cosmetics mascara, Superhero! It Cosmetics was nice enough to send this product along in a care package with other goodies (expect reviews on the other items within the next couple of weeks). Now, when it comes to good mascara, I am extremely picky. I have literally 3 go-to mascaras, Benefit’s – They’re Real, Cover Girl’s – Super Sizer & Boots No7 – Lash Impact mascara from the drugstore! I have used these guys for a long time and it’s hard for me to try different ones because these 3 specific mascaras work so well with my lashes. What I look for in mascara is 1. That it’s Waterproof & that the wand isn’t too big, 2. That it lengthens & volumizes my lashes and 3. That it does NOT and I repeat does NOT flake on me throughout the day (I HATE THAT). There’s nothing more annoying & embarrassing than having a totally Beat to the God’s face and when you take a glance in the mirror, all you see is mascara flakes on your cheeks making you look like a raccoon (ladies we have all been there). So when I tested this mascara out, those were all the potential issues I was keeping my eyes open to. I am happy to report that the Superhero mascara came up to par with my expectations! And let me tell you why – it made my lashes appear fuller, longer and more defined; it was easy to build up (with no clumpy-ness), the wand was just the perfect size for me & most importantly of all – no DAMN flakes (Praise Jesus LOL!). The formula is also very good! It has powerful proteins, plumping collagen & strengthening biotin all to help with anti-aging (Um, I’m almost 30 years old – so hell yes to this!). Not to mention this is one of the blackest mascara’s I’ve tried, which is always a plus in my book! I like my mascara to be as black as my soul (just kidding!!), but you all get the gist of what I’m saying haha! It’s easy to say that this mascara will be added onto my very short list of go-to’s!


*This mascara retails for $24.00*

*The Mascara Featured In This Review Was Courtesy Of (c/o) It Cosmetics, Many Thanks!*


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