Happy Saturday Loves!

To kick off the weekend, I want to share with you my thoughts on one of the Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes. Beauty YouTube vloggers as well as bloggers have been going on and on about how great these eyeshadows are and I just had to test them out for my blog! To be safe – since I had never tried any of her products, I purchased just one of her smaller palettes that hold about 5 eyeshadows. Since I have an account with Beautylish and heard that she would start selling her makeup line through there for US customers, I decided to wait until they stocked her eyeshadows to place my order and save on shipping costs rather than go through her website. I signed up for an early access email through Beautylish so I would be notified when they came in stock. Soon as I got that email, I jumped onto their website to purchase the palette I had my eye on for quite some time.

I decided to order her palette #09; I loved the colors so much from the photos I saw online, something about it just spoke to me. I’m not gonna lie, the $48 price tag for just 5 shadows, really threw me off. I just kept praying that when I received the product, it would be well worth that hunk of change. And I can truthfully say now, I was NOT disappointed! These eyeshadows have got to be some if not the best shadows I have ever used in my life! And that’s saying a whole freaking lot since I own an insane amount of eyeshadow palettes from years of reviewing for this blog. These 5 eyeshadows have rocked my world to a whole other level of existence! They are the smoothest, most buttery and pigmented shadows my fingers have ever touched or that I have ever placed on my eyes. They blend onto the eye so amazingly you guys, I can’t even put it into words! These shadows pack a powerful punch! I barely dip my finger into the pan to swatch them and get instant color pay-off with only one swipe! They are even better than the Makeup Forever Artist Shadows, and as you probably know, those are some out of this world shadows in both quality and pigmentation. The packaging for these babies is very simple yet sleek with the white and clear plastic. I’m not completely wowed with the packaging of these shadows because of the expensive price point, but because the product is so good, I can completely overlook this in a heartbeat! I’m still going to give this product a solid 5 out of 5 star rating; I need to get my hands on more of her shadows ASAP! Do yourself a favor, save your money and invest in one of these palettes, even if it’s a small one like mine and not her expensive big daddy palette that holds 28 shadows. They are worth every penny!


*My small palette that holds 5 shadows retails for $48*



Shadow Names: 1. “45M Industrial”, 2. “44M Indian Gold”, 3. “18M Glam Green”, 4. “10M Alluminum” & 5. “14M Antique Olive”


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