Anastasia Beverly Hills “Brow Definers”, Worth The Hype?!

Good Afternoon Beauties!

Nowadays who doesn’t long to have beautiful thick and full brows? (Think a la Lily Collins). Bold & feathery brows are all the rage, and out are the days of sharpie pen drawn looking brows (Also think a la Gwen Stefani in the late 90’s/early 00’s). If you weren’t genetically blessed with full brows (like me haha, but trust me, I had my thin brow phase in H.S.) than any brow products from Anastasia Beverly Hills (The queen of brows) will help you on this quest! I was recently sent two of the brow definer shades to test and try out. I got the colors soft brown & medium brown; I usually like to match my brow hairs with my actual hair color, so these went perfectly. I am a huge fan of Anastasia’s brow wiz, so when this new brow pencil came out, I had to get my hands on it!

The pencil itself is very similar to their regular brow wiz. Both are mechanical, both come in the same black & rose goldish packaging with the brow definer tube being slightly fatter than the brow wiz and both are double ended (one end – the pencil, the other end – a spoolie). The pencil is much thicker than the brow wiz and the edge is cut at an angle, similar to the Hourglass brow pencil. The angle of this pencil is what does the trick! It’s so much faster to apply the product and shape the brow. It takes me half the time to get my brows done with this product than when I use the brow wiz. Even though the brow definer is less time consuming than the brow wiz, I do still prefer my trusty brow wiz. It’s something about the thinner pencil and spoolie that I just like better for my brows personally speaking; it’s more precise for me. With the brow definer, you can easily get carried away when applying. Making your brows look not as natural as with the brow wiz. Now have I enjoyed the brow definer, yes. Would I repurchase this item, yes most definitely! This is not a bad review for the brow definer what so ever, but the original brow wiz is still and will forever be my #1 Holy Grail brow product!


IMG_0876 IMG_0874

The Brow Definers Featured In This Post Were Courtesy Of Anastasia Beverly Hills Via MML PR, Many Thanks! 😀

4 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills “Brow Definers”, Worth The Hype?!

  1. I prefer the brow wiz over the brow defined also. It may work for some people but I don’t have very many brow hairs. Small is better in my case.

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