Let’s Review These Kylie Lip Kits, Shall We?!

Hey Guys!

I was recently fortunate enough to get my hands on two of Kylie’s Lip Kits when they were re-stocked on her website a few weeks ago. And to my surprise, my whole transaction went pretty smoothly. The first time they launched, I couldn’t even get one lip kit in my cart. They sold out within seconds which was very disappointing. I really wanted to get my hands on them to see if all the hype was real, they were heavily promoted throughout social media. Being the beauty junkie I am, I had to find a way to get them! I even checked on eBay, but the prices were almost triple the cost, which is just plain ridiculous! Even Kylie herself urged her followers to not go the eBay route and just wait for a re-stock. I did just that, and came home with the 2 colors I really wanted which where Dolce K & True Brown K.

First off, the shipping time took exactly 7 days from LA to NYC where I live, pretty darn quick for standard shipping. The shipping box was really cute and sturdy with the same design of melting liquid as the liquid lipstick bottle. And the products were very well packaged on the inside of the box with foam and tissue paper.

Secondly, the actual packaging of the product is really beautiful. It looks like she really put some creative thought into it. The box for the lip liner & liquid lippie is stunning and sleek with a picture of Kylie’s lips on them and a swatch of the color included around the edges. You can easily put them on display on your vanity or shelving unit. It definitely reflects her personal style and taste. The actual bottle for the liquid lipstick has a shiny finish with a melted liquid design and Kylie’s signature on it. The bottle is well made and secure, does not feel cheap in the slightest. The lip pencil is a standard black lip liner design, similar to MAC’s pencils with a swatch of the actual color on the bottom edge.

Lastly, both the lip liner and liquid lipstick are really good! I was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented these items were and how long-lasting. They have quickly become some of my favorite liquid lipsticks. And that’s saying a lot because I am extremely picky when it comes to liquid lipsticks. I’ve tried many and these have truly impressed me. The lip liner is soft and super creamy on the lips; they remind me of Colour Pop’s liners. The liquid lipstick formula is on point too, I do minimal touch ups throughout the day, usually after I eat. And in my case, they don’t dry out my lips much; I know others haven’t had the same experience with this product. Let’s be honest here, ALL liquid lipsticks are somewhat drying, they have to be so they lock onto your lips and last long. If you take care of your lips by exfoliating them and applying a lip balm or mask to nourish them prior to applying, you shouldn’t encounter such a problem. Did I also mention how awesome these lippies smell? I mean, I love it! They smell just like cake batter or cupcakes. If you despise scented products, then these aren’t for you. So all in all, I give this product a solid 4 out of 5 stars; hey there is always room for some improvement 🙂



*Each lip kit is $29 for both the lip liner and liquid lipstick*

Patiently wait for a re-stock, rumor has it they are coming back Mid-March!

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