Holiday “JOY”

Happy Sunday Beauties!

What better way to end the weekend than to discuss a fancy little gift set that I believe will knock your socks off! It would make the perfect gift for a loved one this Holiday season, especially for a person that truly admires a vintage, classic and alluring scent!  This beloved fragrance has been the signature scent of some of the World’s most beautiful ladies. A true pioneer in the fragrance industry, “JOY” by Jean Patou.

 “JOY” was created as a work of art to chase the depression blues away back in the 1930’s. And it was gifted by Jean himself to 250 of his biggest American clients during the depression to bring a little bit of “JOY” back into their lives during a very dark time. It’s a strong opulent scent that makes a bold and lavish statement as soon as you enter a room. You only need a spray or two of this scent and your good to go! I typically like more fruity and sweet scents for everyday, but this perfume is great for a sexy night out with your boyfriend/husband or significant other. It will last you all night or day! And the softly curved, deep black bottle and distinctive, domed “Nasturtium Red” stopper embraces the history of the brand. If you like a strong, musky fragrance, then bring a little “JOY” into your life ASAP!


“In 1912, Jean Patou opened a dressmaking salon in Paris named Maison Parry. Then war interrupted his career. In 1919, he reopened his salon under his own name to great success. In 1925, he launched his perfume collection: Amour-Amour (for brunettes), Que Sais-je (for blondes), and Adieu Sagesse (for redheads). In 1931 he introduced Joy, which is still treasured as one of the world’s great perfumes. Today, the name Jean Patou is globally renowned for the entire collection of fragrances”


  • Top: Bulgarian rose, ylang-ylang, tuberose.
  • Middle: Jasmine from grasse, rose de mai.
  • Base: Sandalwood, musk.


  •  JOY is one of the world’s most popular and best-selling fragrances.
  • Known as the “costliest perfume in the world,” JOY boasts more flowers packed into a single bottle than anything else at the fragrance counter with each ounce containing the essence from more than 10,000 jasmine flowers and twenty-eight dozen roses.
  • JOY was a favorite of famous style icons including Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O.
  • Five-piece gift set featuring 3.4-ounce bottle of JOY eau de parfum with three, elegant, individually wrapped bath soaps, packaged in a keepsake box ($190.00; exclusively sold at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus locations).
  • Five-piece gift set featuring 1-ounce bottle of JOY eau de parfum with three, elegant, individually wrapped bath soaps, packaged in a keepsake box ($110.00; exclusively sold at Bloomingdale’s, Dillard’s, Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom).


1. Nordstrom – Joy By Jean Patou “Eau De Parfum Set” (Limited Edition) – $110.00  –

2. Bergdorf Goodman – Joy By Jean Patou “Eau De Parfum Set” (Limited Edition) – $190.00 –


1. Eau de Parfum (1 oz.)

2. Luxury Soap (4 at 1.75 oz. each)


The “JOY” parfum gift set featured in this post was c/o (Courtesy of) Coburn Communication, Many Thanks!

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