Get protected with Incase!

Hello Darlings!

It feels so good to delve head first into the blogging world! I have missed it terribly! What better way to come back with vengeance after my hiatus than with a very worthy product review? I was honored to be contacted by the folks at Incase in regards to testing out some of their products in exchange for an honest blogger review, sharing my findings & heart felt opinion with my subbies & audience. I for one, have always been a fan of Incase. I own several of their iPad mini covers and iPhone cases bought throughout the years with my own hard earned money. So when they reached out to me, I didn’t even hesitate in jumping for the opportunity to work with them. A few things I love about Incase is the amazing quality & long-lasting durability each product has. I swear, some of my older items from them have lasted me years! And with the new cases sent my way, I can already tell it will be no different. As you all know, in my daily life I love accessorizing my outfits down to a T so why would it be any different when it comes to my personal electronics? I can truthfully say that I am a certified klutz when it comes to my iPhone, iPad or macbook pro flying from my hands to the hardwood floors of my apartment or the concrete side walks of NYC. That’s why I always keep them protected with covers or cases that I know will get the job done in case (no pun intended lol) an unfortunate trip, fall or accident happens, which in my scenario – is almost a guarantee! Nobody wants hundreds of their dollars wasted because they didn’t properly take care of their items, I know for sure that I don’t! Especially when there are hefty price tags on our favorite electronics that no one should have to pay for when they aren’t ready! Do yourself a favor & checkout the products I tried & loved below. And even if the below items are not your cup of tea, Incase has several other options on their website that you can choose from to fit your product needs. They also have an array of different styles and colors to choose from! If you decide to give it a go, let me know how you liked your item below in the comments section! I would love to hear from you! 😀


“We design solutions centered on protection and mobility to meet the demands of today’s creatives. Our products promote design simplicity and beautiful utility at the convergence of lifestyle and technology.

We are driven to provide a better experience through good design. Inspiration, ideation and implementation are the fundamental stages of our product development process. Our designers employ exacting design protocols that ensure our products constantly evolve to meet the evolving needs of creative professionals performing on an ever-expanding Apple platform ecosystem of tools. Pushing innovation through new construction techniques and materials, our products are built to last. There is no detail too small.

Our passion for creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit keeps us moving forward.

Founded in San Francisco in 1997, we now have offices in Southern California and China.”

incase 8-3-15


1. Incase – “Textured Hardshell Case For The 13″ Macbook Pro” (c/o) – In Color: Vivacious Pink – $49.95 –

2. Incase – “Book Jacket For The iPad Mini” (c/o) – In Color: Black – $49.95 –

The macbook pro textured hardshell laptop case & iPad mini book jacket featured in this post were Courtesy of (c/o) Incase via Hawke Media, Many Thanks! 🙂

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