Ready To Wear…Lash Extension!

Happy Monday Loves!

If you’re like me, you dislike wearing false lashes. I’m not completely opposed to them, but having naturally long lashes, I never felt the need to dive into the false lash world. I solely depend on a good waterproof, long-lasting and lash defining mascara. So when I got the opportunity to review this mascara-like lash extension for my blog, I jumped at the chance. Ready To Wear Lash Extension gives you the look of fluffy and full lashes without having to deal with fake eyelashes and lash adhesive. This product includes black cellulose fibers that you brush on your lashes in between coats of your favorite mascara for longer, thicker, fuller and straight up healthy looking lashes without all the hustle and bustle of falsies. I can truly say this product works amazingly well and is worth the almost $24 price tag. It’s very high quality, my lashes look so voluminous and strong when I apply this product and not overly bulky. I highly recommend this lash extension in a bottle to all of you! Give it a try and let me know what you all think! Read more about the brand below and shopping deets!


“Get a “model-perfect” look every time with Ready To Wear’s dynamic and comprehensive line of makeup. Created to transform the fabrics and colors of high fashion into color cosmetics for real women, it allows you to feel capable and confident in achieving your own individual beauty level…”


1. HSN – Ready To Wear – “Lash Extension” (c/o) – Size: .25 oz – $23.50 –…/10041777

The mascara featured in this post was Courtesy of (c/o) Tribe Public Relations for Ready To Wear New York, Many Thanks! 😀

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