My Top 3 Spring-Summer Fragrances!

Hey Guys!

Happy Memorial Day My Loves! So glad to be back in the blogging world. I was absent for a little over a month because I needed a break to basically organize my life. I started a new job title in a brand spanking new company which was taking over a lot of my time. Now that I’ve been there a while and feel situated with my schedule, I felt like it was time to come back from my hiatus. What better way to re-enter the blogging world then with beauty talk? Below are 3 fragrances I have been OBBB-SESSED with! I have literally been wearing these non-stop since I first received them a month ago. The compliments I have received while wearing these scents have been overwhelming, in a good way! See my below reviews/info on these amazing fragrances!

1. “Taylor” By Taylor Swift (c/o) – Size: 3.4oz – $59.50 – – With its burst of fresh fruits and florals, this scent is heavenly…Super light and soft, this fragrance is very pleasing to the senses…It smells so classic and feminine, it has quickly become one of my faves! I love the tangerine, peony and magnolia petal notes included in this perfume…The packaging has a retro feel with a pucci-like print decorating the top of the bottle, which is right up my alley, LOVE!

2. Juicy Couture – “Malibu Collection – Meet Me In Malibu” (c/o) – Size: 2.5oz – $72.00 – – One thing I absolutely adore from Juicy Couture is how beautiful their fragrance packaging truly is, I mean can we like take a moment of silence for the gorgeousness of this collections packaging?!…………..Their like collectibles, seriously! I don’t think I’d have the heart to dispose of these bottles once I finish the perfume in all honesty lol! With its notes of mandarin, black currant meld, jasmine and passion fruit, this scent is great for a sexy night out on the town with your man…I actually do prefer to wear this perfume at night because for me, it’s a little too strong to put on in the daytime…If you enjoy musky-like scents, then this is the fragrance for you!

3. Juicy Couture – “Malibu Collection – Couture La La Malibu” (c/o) – Size: 2.5oz – $72.00 – – Every time I spray this perfume on, I feel like it’s taking me straight to California, not that I’ve been there before LOL, but I’d love to take a vacation there one day and this scent is the closest I’m going to get for right now….The mixture of green apple, mandarin, guava, flower petals, orange blossom, white peony and lily of the valley is simply breath-taking! The fragrance is both charming and alluring and is so fresh! I love to use this in the morning after my shower and before I leave for the day….The neon pink and lucite heart packaging again is super girly and flirty…It’s so vibrant, glam and fun!


The 3 Fragrances Featured In This Post Were Courtesy Of (c/o) “Coburn Communication” & “Elizabeth Arden Fragrances”, Many Thanks! 😀

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