Olay Fresh Effects…

I have recently been loving the new Olay “Fresh Effects” line available at your local Pharmacies, Target and Ulta. Besides being extremely affordable with beautiful packaging, the products actually do work nicely and smell divine. What a better way to wake up in the morning than to such fresh and clean scents?! And I really like the fact that these items are super hydrating! My skin is still suffering from super dryness because of the harsh winter we had in NYC, so having products I can really rely on to keep my skin healthy and moisturized is a MUST!

1. Target – Olay Fresh Effects – “Dew Over! Hydrating Gel Moisturizer” – Size 1oz – $12.99 – http://www.target.com/p/olay-fresh-effects-dew-over-hydrating-gel-moisturizer-1-oz/-/A-15007511#prodSlot=medium_1_1&term=olay+fresh+effects – This gel-like moisturizer has been amazing for my face! I like to apply this after I shower and exfoliate/tone my skin’s surface…Its oil free and super lightweight to the touch…Keeps my skin looking vibrant and refreshed…Awesome cooling effect on the skin and the honeysuckle/white tea aroma is very pleasing…Well worth the hype!

2. Target – Olay Fresh Effects – “Out Of This Swirled! Deep Pore Clean & Exfoliating Scrub” – Size: 5oz – $6.99 – http://www.target.com/p/olay-fresh-effects-out-of-this-swirled-deep-pore-clean-exfoliating-scrub-5-oz/-/A-15029412#prodSlot=medium_1_10&term=olay+fresh+effects – The moisture-rich swirls and exfoliating micro-beads work perfectly together to minimize your pores and provide a deep clean to the skin…Leaves your face looking well-rested and rejuvenated! Removes all dirt and impurities, LOVE THIS!

3. Target – Olay Fresh Effects – “As Fresh As New! Exfoliating Wet Cloths” – Size: 25 Towelettes – $5.99 – http://www.target.com/p/olay-fresh-effects-as-fresh-as-new-exfoliating-wet-cloths/-/A-15007508# – I use these wipes to remove my makeup when I get home from work…Leaves your skin completely clean and refreshed…I love that one side is totally soft and the other side is textured to help with exfoliation…The wipes leave my face glowing and I like the fact that they are very easy to take on the go! They won’t clog your pores and for the price, you can’t go wrong!


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