My “Supersilk” Treatment Experience…

Last weekend I had the pleasure of receiving a complimentary hair straightening treatment at “The Jeff Chastain Parlor Salon” here in NYC by stylist to the stars Dominik Mager! You can imagine my giddiness and excitement in getting such a luxurious treatment done! Especially because my stylist Dominik was super sweet and professional at all times, always making sure I was comfortable and that I had answers to any questions. Supersilk By Sam Brocato is a 100% formaldehyde free smoothing solution that is basically a healthier/less chemically inclined Keratin. You get beautiful frizz-free/straight hair within minutes! This treatment cuts blow dry time an amazing 60%! For girls with naturally curly/frizzy hair like me, this is a God sent! Results last up to 8-12 weeks when well maintained by purchasing and using the hair care products provided at the salon where you choose to receive this treatment EX: shampoo, conditioner and repairing treatment. The whole experience was only about 2 hours long, which is fantastic for a woman who is constantly on the go like me! And I like the fact that the stylist providing this treatment has to be properly trained and certified to do so. I am extremely picky with who handles my hair, so having this security was a plus! The time I spent at the salon was very pleasant and I never felt like my hair was being mistreated. The only CON I had was that there was a little bit of an after smell once all was said and done, but it faded within a few hours. The treatment itself is pricey at $400, but for results that last 8-12 weeks, it’s a small price to pay! My hair looked and felt GORGEOUS!
About Supersilk:
“When renowned hair stylist, Sam Brocato witnessed the rise of the formaldehyde- based Brazilian/ Keratin treatments, he made a firm commitment never to use them. These chemical treatments were causing eye irritations, nose bleeds, respiratory problems and even fatal diseases in many of the stylists who were offering them. In an effort to protect the stylists’ health, Sam made it his mission to develop a smoothing solution that would not only make stylists safe, but his clients happy.
As someone with curly, frizzy hair himself, Sam inherently understood the plight of women needing a reprieve from the constant blow drying, flat ironing and styling required to make their hair manageable on a daily basis.After two years of tireless research & development, Sam Brocato officially launched Supersilk.This 100% formaldehyde-free smoothing system with proprietary NANO SILK TECHNOLOGY, not only allows women to get silky, straight, gorgeous tresses in a fraction of the time with more beautiful long- lasting results, it also strengthens, nourishes and revitalizes the hair with each subsequent application.No other smoothing formula out on the market improves the quality of the hair in quite the same way, making it a favorite amongst salon stylists and clients alike. We love the reviews we are getting from across the globe and hope you enjoy them too”.
What You Can Expect:
  • 100% formaldehyde free
  • Safe for all hair types
  • Decreases drying time by up to 60%
  • Ease and versatility in styling
  • Tames frizz, smooths curls
  • Treatment lasts up to 12 weeks
  • Color your hair and wash the very same day as Supersilk
  • Hair becomes stronger, healthier and revitalized each time you get the treatment
  • Hair gradually returns to natural texture over time. No sharp contrast between treated hairand regrowth
  • Active ingredient is NANO SILK COMPLEX, a rich amino acid formula, stronger and more durable than keratin, taken from the cacoon of butterfly after they have flown away


Special Thanks To Supersilk By Sam Brocato, Lovely Hoffman From LOVE PR, The Jeff Chastain Parlor Salon & Dominik Mager For Providing The Treatment/Products Featured In This Post! 😀

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