Happy 1st Birthday Chic Avenue Daily…

One year ago tomorrow, I decided to go out on a whym and create something I always thought of doing, but never had the faith in myself to do diligently which is start my very own blog! With my hectic work schedule in the Fashion Industry, I believed it would be damn near impossible to make this happen, but I did it! Better said, we did it! Because of you, my faithful audience, I have been able to live out a dream! With hard work and perserverance, anything is possible and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise or make you feel like you can’t conquer something. I am so happy to see that my little hole on the internet has built a nice following and that you all enjoy what I post. For my Fashion & Beauty junkies, I send you a million Thank you’s! I’ve started to receive acknowledgements and brand collaborators that I honestly never thought in a million years would think twice about my blog lol! So once again here’s to you!

I love you all immensely and here’s to many more years of success!



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