Luxurious Lotion Bars…

In my search for supreme hydration this past brutal winter in NYC, I’ve come to an awesome discovery, lotion bars! They are like butter to the skin. The bar just melts when you press it against your palms and the natural oils seep into the skin leaving you feeling silky smooth! I love the fact that these bars absorb so quickly into the skin and give you a natural glow like no other. The only CON is that they do melt quickly, so you want to store them at room temperature and keep them in a nice/cool place to reap the benefits for days to come! Since they are oily, you want to also make sure that this product is thoroughly applied on the skin and fully dry before putting on any light clothing or putting on your fave PJ’s. I have a feeling lotion bars will be the next big thing!

1. LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics – “Close To You Massage Bar” – Size: 1.5oz – $7.95 –,en_US,pd.html#q=massage%2520bars&start=5

2. North Coast Organics – “USDA Organic Certified Lemon Lotion Bar” (c/o) – Size: 0.70oz – $6.00 (Use PROMO CODE: CHICAVEDAILY for 15% Off Your Purchase!) –!/~/product/category=7094984&id=28199671


The Lemon Scented Lotion Bar Featured In This Post Was Courtesy Of (c/o) “North Coast Organics”, Many Thanks! 😀

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