Hair Care: Bumble And Bumble “Pret-A-Powder” & “Grooming Creme”…

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Thought I’d share 2 hair care products with you that I have not been able to put down for the past two weeks! They’re from the brand “Bumble And Bumble”! They have actual salons throughout NYC (est. 1977) and in the 90’s, came out with their own line of hair care products, seeing major hype the last couple of years especially as the hair care products used for models backstage at NY Fashion Week. Bumble And Bumble’s offerings are sold in their own salons, within other select hair salons and at Sephora stores/online nation wide! I have listed photos/product details and my reviews on both below, hope you enjoy! XO!


1. Sephora – Bumble And Bumble – “Pret-A-Powder” – Size: 2oz – $26.00 – – Although small and compact, this dry shampoo definitely brings the business! It’s basically a powder that mixes dry shampoo/style extending properties and voluminizer all-in-one great product! I have greasy hair and since I wear my hair either down and loose or in a top knot, this powder helps extend the life of my blowout for an extra couple of days while adding volume to the root as I massage in…I usually like to use the “Batiste” dry shampoo spray, but don’t like the white cast it can leave on my hair…The powder form is better in this way because for me, it’s not as evident…Let’s be honest, $26.00 is really overpriced for the amount of product you’re getting, but all in all it does work and lasts longer than the spray form…Basically this dry shampoo leaves my hair a little more grease-free and I save a couple of bucks by not having to frequent the salon as often! Who doesn’t like a product that helps keep money in your pocket?! And did I mention, this stuff smells AMAZE BALLS!

2. Sephora – Bumble And Bumble – “Grooming Creme” – Size: 2oz – $12.00 – – This is a fantastic finishing creme/moisturizer! When my hair is dry or when I have it in an up-do and need to tame my frizz, this product helps give me a polished look and subtle hold…It has a light scent and an easy twist cap to shell out product without having to remove the cap itself…A small amount goes a long way and I like the fact that it leaves my hair looking natural and not like I sprayed a whole bottle of hairspray on my head LOL! Again, the price is a little steep, but I did enjoy the product and would repurchase!

You can also visit their site below and shop for products as well!


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