Skin Care Must-Haves!

Hello Loves!

Just wanted to share with you all 3 skin care products I’ve been using within the last 2 weeks that have made a great difference on my skins overall texture and wellness! I love experimenting with new products and these items have definitely been added to my short list of go-to products. Skin care should be of the up-most importance to women especially as they grow older. I’m still in my 20’s and take skin care very seriously. The younger you start building a good routine, the better in the long haul! Trust me, once you turn 40 and look back at how early you started taking care of yourself, the better you’ll feel! Especially when people mistakenly think you’re 10 years younger than what you actually are!


1. The Magic Pads – Size: 4oz (50 pads) (c/o) – $20.00 – – These cleansing pads help with the treatment of unwanted acne…Using Glycolic/Salicylic acids and aloe, they are designed to clear breakouts and tighten your pores! They also exfoliate your skin while moisturizing your face! Not much of a smell to these pads and I like the fact that they come in their own container…I use it once daily (usually in the morning) before applying my day creams to cleanse and prep the skin for the long day ahead…Really have enjoyed this product and I’ve noticed my skin has a more even texture to it after use!

2. Ulta – L’oreal Paris – “Youth Code Texture Perfector Day/Night Cream” – Size: 1.7oz – $24.99 (Now $21.24 On Sale!) – – This product helps even out and improve skin quality…Reduces visible pores and fine lines…Improves skin texture and the light-weight consistency makes it fast absorbing…Leaves the skin feeling velvety! Has a nice and fresh smell and the pink/glass packaging is to die for, I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging! LOVE IT!

3. Reviva Labs – “Stem Cell Booster Serum” (c/o) – Size: 1oz – $30.00 – – You’re never too old to start taking good care of your skin to avoid early signs of aging or fine lines! This anti-aging serum is just the way to go! Apply this product before your day or night cream to add a boost of texturing benefits to your skin! Features some select organic ingredients that help maximize its benefits…The Swiss apple stem cells revive the skin and recharge the epidermal cells…Consistency is super light and airy and I love the simple packaging which includes a pump for discharge of the product!


The Cleansing Pads & Booster Serum Featured In This Post, Were Courtesy Of (c/o) “The Magic Pads” & “Reviva Labs”, Many Thanks! 😀

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