Kidogo Kidogo…Fashionably Making A Difference!

Every now and then you hear a story that really tugs at your heart strings and makes you see that good can still be done in this world with the most simplest of ideas and actions. At Kidogo Kidogo which means “little by little” in Swahili, they are accomplishing just that! This sister run business is striving and working diligently to bring the women of Tanzania life-changing access to cell phones, something we in the states take totally for granted! With every two cases purchased through Kidogo Kidogo, a woman in Tanzania will receive one cell phone, one sim card and one cell phone credit that will grant and help them use their new device! In Tanzania only 36% of women actually own a cell phone because the price is so high and most can’t afford it. To them, a mobile phone is a flashlight, watch, calculator, camera, banking method and a way to communicate with family/friends. It is of imperative use over there and makes most women feel like they have a technological security blanket. Wouldn’t it make you feel like you have a sense of accomplishment knowing that by getting an accessory item, you can help someone in need?! Please take a moment to go to Kidogo Kidogo’s website and read up on the amazing work they’ve been doing and how you can help! And if you’re feeling generous, purchase a lovely phone case while your there!

“At Kidogo Kidogo, we sell iphone cases. But these cases do a lot more than just look good and protect your phone — they are putting life changing mobile technology into the hands of women across Tanzania. You see, when you buy a case, we buy a phone (or phone credits) to give to a woman who could not otherwise afford it. The phones are then distributed to women through established non-profit partners already working in Tanzania. We currently have partnered with FINCA, a global charitable microfinance organization, whose mission is to provide financial services to the world’s lowest-income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs, build assets, and improve their standard of living. We have also partnered with an environmental NGO in Tanzania, Sea Sense. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the sea turtle case will be distributed to Sea Sense who works closely with coastal communities in Tanzania to conserve and protect endangered marine species. The cases are priced to retail at $30 each, and have been designed by esteemed Tanzanian-based artist, Sarah Markes, which feature some of Tanzania’s most iconic wildlife”


Cell Phone Cases Used For This Post Were Courtesy Of (c/o) “Kidogo Kidogo”, Many Thanks! 😀

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