Medusa’s Makeup!

Medusa’s Makeup is the brain child of a Husband & Wife team who first met while studying Fashion Design in the early 90’s. In 1992, they opened up their first Boutique located in Miami Beach called “Medusa’s Circle”. After a move to Chicago, they decided to close up shop in Miami and re-open “Medusa’s Circle” in Chi-town! In 1998, they created a house brand of glitter and eye dust titled “Medusa’s Makeup” and in 2005 they had the brilliant idea to distribute this line of makeup to the world! Once 2006 came along, they had launched their very own cosmetic brand in Las Vegas! How great of a story is that? Talk about hard work and persistence paying off! This is a true, modern day love story of how two people came together and created something wonderful out of love! I was recently sent two samples from them, a gorgeous and bright barbie pink lipstick that is to die for literally (checkout the packaging!) and a juicy, non-sticky lip gloss that gives the perfect “just bitten” touch to the lips. So happy I got a chance to review these products and give you guys an inside look to such a unique brand. Did I mention that this line is Made in the USA/Vegan/Cruelty-free & Peta Certified?! Yeah, it’s that good! Medusa’s Makeup is just the right amount of goth/girly-ness that will bring out the deepest rocker chick in you in all the right ways! Check out my thoughts on what I received below…

1. Medusa’s Makeup – “Luxurious Lipstick” (c/o) – In Color: Triple X – $12.00 – The color I received is very rich in pigment..This pink is a big splash of in your face boldness (which I love)…This nice smelling lippie is super nourishing and extremely creamy…Leaves the lips feeling totally moisturized and never dried out…I adored the packaging design which features a box that looks like a mini coffin and the top was in the shape of a black rose (how unique, fresh and different!)…My only complaint, would have to be that I wish the lipstick container was just a tad bit more heavy and sturdy, I felt that if I dropped it the wrong way it could easily break or the top pop off…

2. Medusa’s Makeup – “Lip Gloss” (c/o) – In Color: Bite Me – Red – $8.00 – Can I just say, this lip gloss smells AMAZING! Just like candy, I was constantly licking my lips lol!…”Bite Me” is a gorgeous red with pink undertones shade that leaves your lips looking oh so kissable and luscious…It has brilliant shine and sheen…The formula is rich without being sticky (definite plus!)…The pink lightning bolt on the top is super cute and fun…Again, the only complaint I can think of is that I wish the lip gloss container were a tad bit more heavy and sturdy as I felt it could crack if tossed or thrown around in your bag…


Lipstick & Lip Gloss used for this post were Courtesy of (c/o) “Medusa’s Makeup”, Many Thanks! 😀

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